Teda~. At last, my Shoyu, soy sauce was completed!! Yeah.
The room is full of soy sauce aroma at the moment!!

It looked like this a year ago.

Previous post about making Shoyu is here.

After looking after my shoyu over a year,
now it’s time to squeeze and take liquid from this muddy jar.
Exciting moment!!

What I used is bowl, strainer and cloth.

Then put all muddy bits onto the cloth.

Then squeeze it.

This is shoyu! This is raw soy sauce!!
It is good for eating Sushi or Sashimi.


I kept some in raw, and heated the rest.
Heated it up for 10 to 15 mins for about 85℃.
The purpose of heating up is
1) to kill bacterias (to keep it longer)
2) to get better aroma
3) to get nicer colour, nice dark red.

When you heated it up, the aroma spreads to all over the rooms. Ha ha, it’s a joy.
It required more “looking after” than making miso, but it was fun and interesting to make Shoyu!!


  1. Hi! This looks awesome! I have a question on the temperature that you kept the jar in. In the previous post, you mentioned to place the jar “in the dark + cool place”. Approx. how cool is the temperature? I read in another shoyu-making instruction saying to keep the jar at a dark place and maintain the temperature at around 77F, but I think that’s actually pretty warm…And thanks a lot for posting these recipes. I’m learning so much from your site!


    • Thanks for your comment, Peggy.
      I actually kept the jar in the room which I spend days and in the cupboard.
      My house is made with brick so inside the house is pretty cool without air conditioner even it is very hot day.
      I guess normally around 15-25C, so 77F is OK I think. (77F=25C isn’t it?)
      But it can be hotter in Japan for sure, I think it is OK just to avoid putting your jar right next to the window,
      so that jar can get direct sun and outside temperature.

      • Thanks for the suggestion Happa! I live in San Francisco, so the weather here is always cool (on average between 15 ~ 18C). I’ll give it a try to see how it works out 🙂 !

    • Well…I’m not sure if the Japanese stores here sell soy sauce koji, I’m planning to try to make them myself. I’ve always made barley and rice koji at home without problems, so I thought I’d give soy sauce koji a try too….

    • Different flavour and aroma, but you can use similar way as Miso. Using dressing and dip for sure, but because it has lots of enzyme, using for marinade is quite good. I love simply eat with fresh cucumber or rice.

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